The Lake Illyria Estate

Neighboring 23,000 acres of National State Park Minnewaska


We are willing to rent to proms, youth groups, or graduation retreats who wish to spend a quiet few days on the lake having fun outdoors, enjoying fishing, swimming, pool, hot tub, barbecues, picnics, volleyball and spending time with friends before leaving for college. Groups that wish to have loud parties, illegal drugs, underage drinking, smoking or need to make a lot of noise are not allowed. Responsible teens are WELCOME with parental or appropriate adult supervision according to the list of items specified below:

    1. $1500 per night for the first 15 Guests. $75 per night per additional guest over the first 15 guests. (Parents stay for free)
    2. $2500 REFUNDABLE security deposit.
    3. $600 per day/night for 24-hr Security Guard to insure safety, quiet and rules. (Required UNLESS 2 adults are present)
    4. Special Event Insurance for additional coverage (averages between $160-$260) for the duration of the event.
    1. A minimum of one parent is required to be on site at all times. Parents may rotate but one must be there on site at all times, 24 hours a day. Parents stay for FREE.
    2. Security guard provided by home owner required to be present at all times (unless more than one supervising adult is on site) to insure no illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages are consumed and all rules regarding smoking, noise and general safety are followed. Cost for 24-hr security is $600 per day.
    3. No loud music, screaming, etc. outdoors to disturb the neighbors. Quiet neighborhood after 9pm.
    4. No parties with amplified music, etc. No fireworks. No smoking on the property. No weapons of any kind. If any of these rules are broken, even by one person, everyone will be removed from the property with no refund.
    1. At minimum of one parent with ID (copy of driverís license) must sign the contract and assume responsibility for the kid's safety and compliance with the rules. Also must assume full liability for the event.
    2. Additional Event Insurance for the stay is required (runs approximately $160-$260) depending on number of guests and length of stay.
    3. Security deposit insurance (Optional) can be purchased on VRBO / HOMEAWAY for $89-$99.