• 100% NO SMOKING ENVIRONMENT. Both indoors and within 100 yards of the house, the pool or the lake.

• 100% QUIET RESIDENTIAL COUNTRY NEIGHBORHOOD = No amplified music or loud noises of any kinds after 9pm at night 7-days. This means the house and area is quiet for YOU!

• PETS / DOGS are allowed – $60 extra per pet – Must pick up your Puppy Poopies. We allergy-free-up the house after each rent. The extra money goes to deep cleaning all hairs and allergens for the next renter.

• SECURITY DEPOSITS – are returned within 3-days of cleaning-crew written and photo-report on status of the home and handyman-report after checking all furniture, appliances and items in the houses.

• FREE WIFI – available in both homes.

• ALL UTILITIES – included in both home rental fees.

• RENTAL FEES – fluctuate daily, weekly, monthly according to current market trends, high seasons, holiday seasons and popularity of certain dates. Our rental fees fluctuate in tandem with the market.

• SPECIAL OFFERS & DISCOUNTS – if you are interested in learning about our special offers, feel free to call the home owner anytime – Iris Gillon at 201-836-6085 (work) or 661-733-5843 cell to learn about current special offers.

• CHECK-IN TIMES – are at 4pm.




UPON ARRIVAL TO THE HOME ñ We put a great deal of trust in both our head house-keeper and our handymen. However we are not always within a thousand miles of the property, so please, upon arrival to the home, check everything carefully to make sure everything was cleaned properly, to make sure that everything is working, all light bulbs etcÖ and if there is anything amiss, please contact Iris right away so that she can call the right person to come back if needed, to make sure everything is 100% perfect for your stay. 99% of the time, everything should be perfect upon your arrival, but since they are human, they could have missed something, and it is our desire to fix it immediately if they did! Please take a look upon arrival and let IRIS know either way, that everything is to your satisfaction! Irisí Cellular Phone is 661-733-5843. Text or call ANYTIME!!!

CELLULAR AND LAND LINE PHONES: Not all cellular phones will work inside the ESTATE house, but there are some spots they will work, depending on your service. There are land lines available in the kitchen and in some of the bedrooms and in the offices. You may use these phones to dial anywhere in the USA to make your calls. WIFI will cover the rest of your Internet needs. All cellular phones work at THE LAKE HOUSE 90% of the house, all cellular phones work by the lake and on the driveways. The driveway entry is spotty at the Estate and in some places in the woods, but walk around, and you can find your signal.

HOUSEKEEPING ñ Our housekeepers are available to come and make the beds, change linens, do laundry, clean bathrooms and the kitchen or in general help out with any of your needs, shopping, errands, baby-sitting, or whatever you might need during your stay. See rates below in Extra Services Available. This must be arranged in advance and is for an additional charge.

HANDYMEN ñ Our handymen may be available to fix anything that might break during your stay. If there has been a lot of wind or rain, we might send someone up to check up on the pool or hot tub. We would always email or text you first before coming if we cannot reach you by phone. If you break something, please call me! I would like the opportunity to have time to replace items that will be needed by the next renter (like broken dishes or glasses etc.)

THIS IS A NO SMOKE HOUSE: No cigarettes, no cigars, no smoke of any kind, no incense of any kind. We need to provide fresh air for any and all of our renters. BRING YOUR OWN ASH TRAYS if you have any smokers in your group to use outside and to take all ciggie-butts with them when you leave. Please if smoking, smoke at least 50 feet from the house so there is no blow-back in through open windows.

HEATING AND COOLING AT BOTH HOUSES: In both houses, there is a separate unit in the ground floor 2 bedroom apartment that heats and cools the house separately. The main floor has a thermostat in the living room. You can turn the unit on with switch on the bottom of the box. Set the unit to either heat or cool. (After it is turned on) Set your desired temperature and then press the HOLD (or SET) button. That will set your temperature. To see if it is working, look for floor vents and put your hand near the vent to see if the right temperature air is blowing out. Both houses are very large with high ceilings, because of this, we have provided a large number of fans throughout the house that you can turn on to help circulate the air faster. We try to set the temperature to a desired number before renters arrive so that the house is at the right temperature for the season. Make sure you call ahead in advance to let me know your preferred temperature!

Be careful of setting air conditioning too low at either house as it can cause the system to freeze up. If this happens, call Iris for instructions on rebooting the unit. NEVER put system below 72 degrees or you will not have any air conditioning at all!!! It will freeze the unit.

PLUMBING AT THE HOUSE: This is a residential property, not a city house or Hotel. We have our own well water, and our own septic tank. This means you can NOT use Clorox, bleach or anti-bacterial soaps or our system will fail. It means you can NOT throw food or other items into sink drains or it will cause the system to fail. It means you can NOT flush rubbers, childrenís toys, paper towel, handy wipes, diapers, tampons or any other item besides toilet paper and natural stuff from your body or the system will fail. ALSO, you cannot use excessive toilet paper as that too will clog up the system if you use too much. Please be careful to not let food get into the kitchen sink drain, especially not bottle caps, plastic items or other debris. Please note that we carefully check all toilets, sinks, showers and tubs in between every rental so we will always give you the house in working order.

WATER AT THE ESTATE: Since we have our own well, we have natural minerals in the water. Sometimes you can smell some sulfur in the water, other times not. If there is a dry spell and water is low, the mineral smell might get stronger. Our water is extremely healthy and has health benefits that are mega good for the skin and body. Some people are not accustomed to this, for those people, you must bring your own bottled water for drinking. The hot tub is emptied and filled each week with our natural mineral water and a touch of chlorine. [One of the great things about our land is that we sit on water springs (that is how we got our fantastic lake!) and one of the wonderful health benefits of having your own natural well and spring water is the natural minerals that come with it. One of our minerals is Sulfur. Sulfur has been used medicinally since ancient times, and it is contained in every cell in your body. It is a component of three different amino acids (the building blocks that make up protein). Approximately 0.25 percent of your total body weight is sulfur. It is most concentrated in keratin, which gives you strong hair, nails, and skin. It is known as "nature's beauty mineral" because your body needs it to manufacture collagen, which keeps your skin elastic and looking young. Because of the minerals, from time to time, when we add chlorine to the hot tub, the chlorine binds to the minerals and makes the water look a little bit cloudy. This is 100% OK, the water is still healthy and wonderful to soak in. Pay it no mind!

WATER AT THE LAKE HOUSE This house also has itís own well. We installed a water filter at this house so all of the minerals and everything else has also been removed. If you want the mineral health benefits, jump into the lake! At this house we have a sulfur filter that can be adjusted so call us if you need an adjustment and Iíll send someone up to adjust it to your sensibilities.

BRING YOUR OWN ICE! THE LAKE HOUSE does not have an operational ice maker so on your way to the house, pick up a bag of ice at a local store or bring your own ice trays. And bring your own bottled water if you like that stuff! The ESTATE has an ice-maker but will run out quickly if you have a large group, so still, bring your own ice for your drinks.

BRING FLASHLIGHTS AND BATTERY OPERATED LIGHTS and EXTRA BATTERIES! When you walk around in the woods, if there are any clouds at all, it is PITCH BLACK at night and no street lights or other lights to find your way around the property if lights arenít on so you should always have a few flashlights on hand with extra batteries in all sizes when you come into the woods! We have installed motion sensitive lights that are battery operated and they should pop on at various places outside the homes however we never know when a battery is going to die or when they malfunction, so just in case, bring those flashlights for walking around at night. It can get really dark outside!!! Starry full moon and star-lit nights, are a different story! PUT aside some time to go star gazing! I donít see any stars here in NJ so going up to the Estate or getting on the lake at night is a real treat because of the starry skies!


SPARKLING RIDGE: There are outdoor lights on the decks and there are lights INSIDE the pool. At the LAKE HOUSE we have battery operated lanterns in addition in case someone wants to sit around the pool at night and want more light than the inner pool lights provide. We always leave these on the fireplace in the living room.

THE LAKE ILLYRIA ESTATE: There is a light switch in my Dadís Study (room adjacent to the deck with sliding door) inside on the wall, inside the shelving behind the books right by the sliding glass door that turns on the lights inside the pool.

VOLLEY BALL: There is a volley ball area set up in the field next to The Lake Illyria Estate Driveway. Renters from both houses are welcome to use this area to play. Bring your own ball (we have one, but it could go missing anytimeÖ so just in case, bring your own ball!)

PLAYGROUND FOR KIDS: There is a playground area set up in the field next to The Lake Illyria Estate Driveway. Renters from both houses are welcome to use this area to bring their kids out play on our swing set, tree-house, climbing wall etcÖ. Please have an adult supervising at all times for safety reasons!

INNER POOL LIGHTS AT THE LAKE HOUSE: In the machine area (behind the wood fencing adjacent to the pool, there is a breaker panel, the grey panel box on the left, breaker number two is labeled ìlightsî lift that one up. Make sure not to touch the others as they are automated heating system, the pump and the polaris.) Make sure to turn it off before you retire.

INNER POOL LIGHTS AT LAKE ILLYRIA HOUSE: In the machine area, adjacent to the far side of the house (away from driveway) there is a breaker panel box for the pool lights. Enter gate, breaker panel is straight ahead (other panels are to the left, donít touch them!) It is the box that is furthest right. Open the breaker box, there are three breakers there, the one on the far right is for the lights inside the pool. Flip it, to turn it on.

SOLAR COVERS ON THE SWIMMING POOLS: Each pool is covered with a solar cover. The covers are very easy to remove. Just pull cover to end of pool and fold it up gently and place in a far corner till evening time. Before nightfall, please put the solar covers back on the pool with bubbles facing the sky. If you donít cover the pool, in the morning the pool could be filled with forest debris and critters and you will not like it! The pool can become excessively dirty if you donít cover it at night. PLEASE COVER IT!!! It is much more protected with the cover on it AND it helps to keep the heat in!

MOVING FURNITURE AROUND TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS? ñ Please make sure to put everything back the way you found it. See extra services list for pricing if you donít have the time to put everything back.

KAYAKING, BOATS, BICYCLE RENTALS ñ Our pal Craig Chapman runs a great kayaking and bicycle rental facility in the town of New Paltz. He can bring kayaks up to the lake or he can take you on a kayaking tour down the Wallkill River. Call him to reserve your boats or bikes! He also rents snow shoes in the winter. He also does guided hikes as well! 845-594-6353 or go to www.npkt.net

BRING YOUR OWN FANCY COOKING UTENSILS AND ITEMS: We have the basic items supplied, a few basic pots and pans, spatulas etc, we have dishes, cups, glasses, silverware, bowls etc, but we donít have anything fancy or specific like baking dishes, bigger items if you are coming with more than a small group, and we donít have any specialized cookware. If you are cooking for your group and doing anything beyond the basics, BRING the items you need! Most tenants leave a bunch of stuff behind and we save all the condiments for YOU. Usually there is an interesting array of extras for you to share in.

KITCHEN ITEMS ñ We stock a toaster, a blender, a microwave, a coffee maker and the basics. The Lake Illyria house as a few more items like a juicer, strainers and other more advanced cooking items, however, if you plan on getting fancy in the kitchen, bring any special utensils or cooking dishes that you need.

BRING OUTDOOR TOWELS FOR LAKE, SPA & POOL We supply two indoor bath towels and one hand towel for each guest staying at the home up to 15 guests at The Lake Illyria Estate and up to 12 guests at the Lake House at Sparkling Ridge. Extra guests need to bring their own towels bedding and linens.

CLOSETS & HOUSE LAY-OUTS ñ At The Lake House at Sparkling Ridge Road, all closets are empty except for a few spots where we keep supplies for the house, so there are hangers and dressers for visitors to use.

At The Lake Illyria House, Isabella (the architect and home owner) still vacations there and our family has lived there for 40 years so there are many personal items, sculptures, paintings, portraits, photographs, several thousand books (you are welcome to read and browse!) and yes, still some clothing packed away into the corners. That being said, all of the rooms have closet space and dresser drawer space available except for one room (the architectural office / bedroom on the ground floor, but that room can use the closet that is right outside that room for hanging things. The ground floor bedrooms have 100% empty closets and dressers, and all the bedrooms on the top floor have ample closet space and dressers. So when planning your stays, for the main floor bedrooms, please plan people that can share the closet and dresser space for those two rooms between the hall closet (in that separate area) and the shelving in the library/bedroom off the deck (Dadís old office), between those two areas, both bedrooms should have ample storage space for your personal items.

BARBECUE ñ ñ (Both Houses) We have a barbecue in the lawn which can NOT be moved. By law (fire and smoke safety) it is positioned a certain distance from the home and must stay there. It is staked into the ground in place. Please maintain itsí position in the spot it resides in. It is a charcoal device. If you wish to barbecue, bring your own Charcoal.

BARBECUE AND BAKING UTENSILS ñ We have a few barbecue utensils, if you are bringing a real chef with you, maybe he or she might want to bring extra fancy stuff! That also applies to fancy cooking utensils. We have some basic items, but nothing for real chefs or fancy cooking, for those, please bring your own.

GARBAGE BAGS AND GARBAGE DISPOSAL ñ We leave garbage bags in the cans for your first day and your arrival. Bring extra garbage bags for your stay. You can dispose of your own garbage and we request you make sure your waste is delivered to the bins at the end of the Lake Illyria Estate Driveway before 9am on Mondays. To get there from the Sparkling Ridge House, walk past the pool and keep walking till you get to the driveway of the Lake Illyria Estate. Then, look to your right. You will see a huge enclosure, that is where the garbage pails are. Please put recycling into the yellow topped pails, and the rest of your trash in the other pails. THANKS! Lake house renters can get to the trash bins by car also by making a left out of the driveway, immediate left onto Route 299 and within 100-200 feet immediate left into the driveway of the ESTATE (Mailbox # 490) ñ Be careful not to go too far and enter mailbox 450 because that is NOT our land!

RECYLING GARBAGE: In both houses there are two garbage pails left in the kitchen. I usually put trash in one and recycling in the other. You can designate as you see fit. We do have recycling bins in the garbage area at the end of The Lake Illyria Estate Driveway. Our Sanitation trucks pick up on Monday mornings so please make sure all your trash is in the bins in the trash shed before Monday morning if you are a weekly renter or on Sunday before you leave if you are a weekend renter.

OUTDOOR DEBRIS AND GARBAGE COLLECTION AROUND THE HOME ñ If you bring children or guests that are enjoying themselves and leaving debris, plastics, garbage etc around the property, please remember to pick it up and collect it before you leave.

EXTRA OUTDOOR FURNITURE ñ we have 5 lounge chairs by the pool and some plastic outdoor pool furniture and some moderate furniture on the deck, you are welcome to bring more if you have a bigger crowd that needs more seating. Normally at the LAKE HOUSE we fold up the pool furniture and put it on the car port near the hot tub. At The Lake Illyria Estate the chairs are left by the pool.

OUR HOT TUBS ñ Our hot tubs work very well if you shower or swim before jumping into the hot tub and remove all skin creams, oils, soaps and other chemicals that could remain in your bathing attire. If you donít follow this simple rule, the water in the hot tub could get murky, muddy or green. This is especially dangerous for our hot tub filter if you donít rinse your feet off before climbing in and you bring in mud, sand or grass. There is a pail next to each hot tub to rinse off your feet before climbing in. Please donít get into the hot tub after walking around the property barefoot without rinsing them first!THANK YOU!

PETS & PET SERVICES: If you are bringing your dog (no cats allowed) please remember to pick up after your pet so as to respect the next tenants that rent the property. We have a LOT of land and not so easy for us to look for your puppyís poop, but easy enough for the next renter to accidentally step in it, so PLEASE pick up after your pup!

FISHING RODS ñ Please bring your own! If you donít have any, you can order rods or fishing packs on Amazon.com.

LOCAL SOUND LAWS ñ Even though we are located in the woods, we do have neighbors and sound travels! We are a quiet zone ñ after 9pm. PLEASE no amplified or other loud music or noises outdoors at any time whatsoever. Quiet conversation of-course, out on the deck or around the pools is welcome, just nothing that can keep a neighborís kids awake!

LOCAL FIRE & WEAPONS LAWSñ It is against the law to start a fire in our area outdoors. We are researching permits to build a fire-pit, but for now, it is forbidden. We have multiple fireplaces inside the house. So no fires. No firecrackers or forfeit your security deposit! No guns! No shooting! No weapons of any kind!

FIRE SAFETY IN AND AROUND THE HOUSE ñ We have fire extinguishers near every fire place and by the kitchen stoves. Should there be an emergency and a fire breaks out, on the top floor of both houses, we keep emergency portable window escape ladders that can be hung from any window and you can climb out to safety. Those are located on the closet floors in plain view. Please make sure you locate them upon arrival so you know where they are.

FIRE PLACES ñWe can provide logs for fires (see our list of extra services below) or you can bring some on your own. Just let us know before you come if you want to make a fire in one or more of the fire places. Both houses have multiple fire places to enjoy during the winter. Fires can be put out with water before you go to sleep. Fire extinguishers near each fireplace and near the stove in the kitchen and near the barbecue are for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

FIRE PLACES ñ We donít provide logs for fires. Both houses have multiple fire places to enjoy during the winter. Fires can be put out with water before you go to sleep. Fire extinguishers near each fireplace and near the stove in the kitchen and near the barbecue are for EMERGENCIES ONLY. Only natural wood without chemicals can be used in our homes. Please purchase your wood carefully before you come. There is a LOWES just outside of New Paltz with a supply of wood for you to purchase. You can also purchase firewood at THE COUNTRY STORE OF GARDINER (technically our town is Gardiner!) 132 Main St Gardiner NY 845-255-1123. Another place that sells firewood locally is MOUNTAIN TREE CARE at 307 Springtown Road, New Paltz, NY 845-255-8741 or at Beacon Firewood on 31 S Putt Corners Road, New Paltz NY 845-255-2801.

GAS STOVES & SAFETY: In both houses we have gas stoves. Please be careful around gas stoves to make sure if you turn the gas line open that you hold the button on LITE until the stove lights or turn the gas line off so that gas fumes donít fill the house! If you have never used a gas stove before, make sure you call Iris (661-733-5843) to guide you through how to turn on the stove!

EXTRA BANQUET TABLES AND CHAIRS ñ We have, for each home, plenty of extra folding banquet tables and chairs to allow for dining in one area for up to 30 guests! At The Lake Illyria Estate, the extra round folding tables and folding chairs are located in the storage closet in the library/bedroom off the deck. At The Lake House at Sparkling Ridge, there is one extra folding round table that seats up to 12 people in the ground floor kitchen and that can be easily moved (please take it out the back door and in the front door instead of up the stairs) and there are also extra small folding tables and extra chairs in the master bedroom larger closet.

WIFI AND LOCK BOX PASSWORDS CHANGE FROM TIME TO TIME ñ so please get those by email from Iris.

FRONT DOOR HANDLE AT THE LAKE HOUSE AT SPARKLING RIDGE ñ To lock the door upon exiting the home, you must lift up the handle (left) in order to turn the lock! HOLD HANDLE UP while turning lock with your other hand! You have to push up at least 45 degrees!

SLIDING GLASS DOORS LOCKS ñ For some sliding glass doors, if the lock doesnít latch properly, donít worry! Just find the door jam that fits behind the sliding glass door and put it between the door and the wall to keep it from being opened. There should be a door jam (piece of wood or metal) on the floor or right in the door slider where the sliding glass door resides.

SAFETY LOCKS ON THE POOL FENCE GATE ñ At The Lake Illyria Estate, the keys are hanging on a nail on the wall near the entry door of the Cabana bathroom OR in your lockbox upon arrival. At the Lake House at Sparkling Ridge, the key to the pool fence gate is in your lockbox when you arrive. If you have small children during your stay, kindly make sure you lock the pool fence gate until you have adult supervision at the pool.

POOL ALARMS - Both houses are now required by law to have pool alarms, so we have them. The little red plastic doo-hicky in your lock box is the ìKEYî to the alarm. To either enable or disable the alarm for use of the pool, hold the round red part of your alarm ìKEYî next to the matching little circle that fits on the alarm for about 10 seconds to either disable to alarm and take it out of the water so that you can use the pool, or same action in reverse to enable the alarm when you are done using the pool so that the water is KID-SAFE and ANIMAL SAFE.

LIFE VESTS for lake and pool! We have a supply of life vests for the lake and the pool. We leave a half dozen of them at The Lake Illyria Estate in the Cabana (please return after use) and a few at the pool and a few at the lake dock. At The Lake House at Sparkling Ridge, we leave a few extra life jackets in the laundry room (left as you go up the stairs from ground floor to main floor behind the drapes.) And there should be a few life jackets hanging around the pool area. Iin other words, we have a good supply of life vests at both houses and at both pools and at the lake and near the boating area. Non swimmers should use life vests in the boats.

WATER SAFETY! Please remember that we have no lifeguards on duty and that water sports can be dangerous. You are swimming, playing on or in the water, and fishing etc at your own risk. Please take proper precautions when around water and limit drinking or prescription or other drug intake while around the water.

WILDLIFE SAFTEY ñ Please be aware that you are on several acres of wild wooded land. This land comes with bugs, snakes, deer, deer ticks, poison ivy and poison oak, fish, squirrels, bear (yup from time to time one is seen) so please take proper precautions. Bring bug spray, be careful when walking through the woods and check for ticks, try not to leave open containers of food around at night as that will be an open invitation to bears and all sorts of other creatures that live on the mountain! Iím serious. Do NOT leave open food containers or garbage outside. That is like hanging out a sign saying FREE FOOD to a five mile radius of wild animals! Walk carefully to make sure you donít step on a snake. Most snakes are harmless and will slither away, but there have been copperheads in the area, so just be careful when walking the land. They are rare, but they do exist. If you see a snake and arenít sure; walk away calmly, they will NOT chase you, no need to run! Black snakes are harmless. If you see a snake with a Triangular head, spots or stripes ñ stay clear.

Because this is a house in the woods, you may come across a spider, or a few ants or lady bugs or other small creatures with many legs might get into the house from time to time. You are welcome to BRING BUG SPRAY! We do have extra bug traps under the sinks in the kitchen if you need them! Please remember to put away any food items when you are done with them so as not to make an extra invitation for those multi-legged visitors to arrive uninvited! Also remember to keep screen doors and screen windows closed at all times otherwise you have an open invitation to those none of us wish to invite!

Also note that in dry season, if it hasnít rained in a while, you might see some worms making their way to the pool, or even worse, they might even decide to take a dip! If they do, there is a net attached to a pole next to each pool that you can use to scoop them out and send them flying back into the woods. OR you can call one of my workers up to do it for you if you donít love to get too close to critters in the wild!

PACKING AND CLOSING UP A BIG HOUSE DRAG? ñ Ask our housekeeper to come help you on the day you are leaving to assist! See extra services list for pricing.

FORGET SOMETHING BEHIND? ñ Our housekeeper can collect it, package it and mail it back to you. So please, if you forget something that is important to you, please let us know as soon as you realize because often times it is only a few hours before the next tenant comes racing into the house! Best however, if you could make a careful walk through the house before leaving to make sure you have all of your belongings with you!


  • Housekeeping $30 per hour (2 hr minimum)
  • Handyman / Pool man / Maintenance $30 per hour (2 hr minimum)
  • Garbage Removal if left behind ñ $10 per bag
  • Clean up Barbecue $15
  • Clean up Fire Places $15/each fire place
  • Mailing back items left behind $60 plus cost of postage
  • Pet Rental Fee per pet ñ $60
  • Replacing a fire extinguisher (if used for non emergencies) $60.


• TOTALLY FREE Event Planning Help for those with Weddings or Events or Corporate Retreats in the area. See the owner’s (day-job) professional event planning website at: http://www.igmc.net

• Housekeeping $30 per hour (2 hr minimum)

• Handyman / Pool man / Maintenance $30 per hour (2 hr minimum)

• Garbage Removal if left behind – $60


• Extra Linens Laundry – $15 for each futon bed set including blankets

• Clean up Barbecue $15

• Clean up Fire Places $15 each

• Mailing back items left behind $60 plus cost of postage

• Pet Rental Fee per pet – $60

• Replacing a fire extinguisher (if used for non emergencies) $60.

Hot Tub Instructions



There are numerous life jackets at both pools and also on the lake. Please make good use of these and make sure there are some around when you and your guests are entering into the water. There are also rescue tubes at each water spot to insure ease of rescue should a swimmer have trouble in the water.

Please make sure there is someone with you at the water when you swim. Swimming alone is dangerous.

Each of the swimming pools has a safety fence that has a lock on the gate. The locks to the gates are in the house and if you have small children, kindly refer to our list of THINGS TO BRING to get instructions on where the keys to the pool gates are. We normally leave them unlocked so they need to be locked upon arrival if you have small children.


Next to every fireplace in both homes you will see a fire extinguisher. Please don’t start any fires without making sure that the fire extinguisher is there.

Next to each stove and the outdoor barbecue grills you will see a fire extinguisher. Please make sure those are in place before starting to cook.

There are no campfires allowed outdoors in our area so please don’t start one!

This is a NO SMOKING PROPERTY, that includes inside and outside on our land. If you need to smoke, kindly go out to the main road and take an ash tray with you so as not to disturb the neighbors with cigarette butts etc…

EMERGENCY EXIT FROM TOP FLOORS: ON THE TOP FLOORS of both of our homes we have portable fire escapes that can be hung out the windows of the highest floors in the homes. Please make sure, for those of you staying on higher floors, that you have checked to see where these are located, in case of emergency, you know how to exit the home.

FIREPLACES: We have multiple fire places in both homes. Please make sure to open the air ducts BEFORE USE and to close them after so animals don’t get in. Please make sure you put out your fires completely with water before cleaning the fireplace and please do not leave the home empty with a fire burning in the fireplace!

Emergency Numbers


201-836-6085 (desk) 661-733-5843 (cell)

NEW PALTZ POLICE – 845-255-7112

NEW PALTZ FIRE – 845-255-1520


How to Care for Our Septic System!

Protect Our Septic System!
- Please Do Not Flush These Items!!
Chemicals - Ammonia, Bleach, Detergents (excess), Drain Cleaners (excess), Epsom Salts Never
Cigarettes, cigarette butts, cigarette filters Never
Coffee grounds Never
Cooking Oil Never
Cotton Swabs, Dental Floss Never
Diapers, baby-wipes Never
Disposable wipes, wet wipes, baby wipes (as of 2015 it appears that only a very small percent of these products break down as needed to avoid damage) Never
Dirt Never
Drugs, Antibiotics, Presciption Medicines Never
Fats, Oils, Grease Never
Food Scraps, Ground Food Never
Hair Never
Latex: condoms, gloves, similar products Never
Laundry Detergent - excessive Never
Liquor, Whiskey Never
Motor Oil Never
Panty Liners Never
Paper Towels Never
Pesticides Never
Photo Chemicals Never
Plastic Bags Never
Sanitary Napkins Never
Swimming pool chemicals Never
Tampons Never
Trash, Toys, Scrap Never
Washing Machine Lint Never
Water in large quantities Never